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Let us handle all your paperwork. You will have a single point of contact and access to complete solutions without having to deal with any other administrative departments or professionals. You’ll avoid mistakes and have expert advice to maximise the financial and legal benefits of every procedure. Your gestor administrativo will handle any incidents that may arise in each process, and you will also have the peace of mind that comes from working with qualified professionals and experts.

Land registry certificates

Consultation and certification of land registry records protected in any locality through our administrative management services.

Last Will and Testament

Certificate that states whether a person has drawn up a will and in the presence of which Notary.

Public funding and subsidies

Search and processing of public funding and subsidy applications of all kinds for companies and self-employed persons.


Certifications, entries and annotations regarding Property, Trade or Civil Registries, registration of common-law partners…


Registration of all kinds of deeds, purchase-sale of real estate, mortgage cancellations …


Procedures regarding inheritance, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, Inheritance Tax…

Patents and trademarks

Procedures related to Intellectual Property, advice and registration of trademarks and company logos...

Businesses and self-employment

Advice to entrepreneurs for the start and development of their business activity, subsidies and funding for the creation of companies, registration of companies...

Municipal licenses and permits

Advice and processing of municipal opening and operating licenses, change of ownership for opening licenses, building permits...

Tax management

Presentation and payment of taxes such as capital gains (IVTNU), real estate taxes (IBI)...

Bike registration

A system that allows you to register your bike electronically so it can be insured and protected from loss or theft.

Social affairs

Obtaining disability certificates, requests for parking badges for disabled people...

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Our services

We are at your disposal to do the necessary paperwork, saving you time and money. Thanks to our extensive experience and professionalism, you’ll be able to get everything done much sooner than you anticipated.


Vehicle registrations, transfers, taking vehicles off the road, imports, driving licenses, penalties, and fines.


Presentation of all types of tax returns, income tax and capital gains, presentation of annual summary statements, preparation of accounts, etc.

Foreign nationals and nationalities

Work and residency permits, nationality by means of residence, NIE applications and cancellations, EU exchanges and renewals.


Registration of new companies and self-employed persons, payroll preparation, social security, redundancies and layoffs, hiring, labour inspections, temporary incapacity, maternity leave, etc.


Registration of all kinds of deeds, purchase-sale of real estate, cancellations of mortgages…

Other Services

Our network of professionals can offer you quality services designed for both citizens and businesses.

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