Administrative Agents

The importance of

The importance of

Administrative agents

Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Gestores Administrativos de Málaga

We are highly qualified professionals with mandatory membership, who work daily to manage and resolve the different administrative procedures for SMEs, freelancers and individuals before the different Public Administrations.

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Our services

We are at your disposal to do the necessary paperwork, saving you time and money. Thanks to our extensive experience and professionalism, you’ll be able to get everything done much sooner than you anticipated.


Vehicle registrations, transfers, taking vehicles off the road, imports, driving licenses, penalties, and fines.


Presentation of all types of tax returns, income tax and capital gains, presentation of annual summary statements, preparation of accounts, etc.

Foreign nationals and nationalities

Work and residency permits, nationality by means of residence, NIE applications and cancellations, EU exchanges and renewals.


Registration of new companies and self-employed persons, payroll preparation, social security, redundancies and layoffs, hiring, labour inspections, temporary incapacity, maternity leave, etc.


Registration of all kinds of deeds, purchase-sale of real estate, cancellations of mortgages…

Other Services

Our network of professionals can offer you quality services designed for both citizens and businesses.

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